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Rumu Creative Inspiration Picture Beach Sunrise
Surface-Pattern-Design-Mock-Up---Rumu-Creative c
Small pink flower repeat pattern
Australian flowers repeat pattern
Rumu Creative- Ruth Muller
Rumu Creative About Me
Rumu Creative Inspiration Picture Beach Sunrise
Australian yellow bottle brush flower repeat pattern

tales told by daring creative dreamers

Ruth is an absolute master at her craft (and a damn good human that makes the whole experience stress-free and magical AF).

Balancing creative illustrative skills with captivating designs that transport you into a totally new world, Ruth is a MUST-HAVE for any business that cares about connecting with their audiences.

Cass Lane - Wild Spirit Co

I really enjoyed Ruth’s smooth and thorough discovery process, it helped me see my brand vision come to life, and consider all aspects specifically. Ruth’s professionalism is outstanding! But I also love how she made the process feel personal, as she put herself into my big vision and created something amazing.

I received my proposal documents, and Ruth was spot on with each element. So much so that I didn’t want to change a thing! I absolutely love everything she’s done and couldn’t be happier with the design aspects she provided me with.

I highly recommend Ruth, to anyone with a creative business.

Nicole Smith - Creative Mum Life

Curl up, get comfy and let me transport you into my introvert-friendly world of designer escapades