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From Netflix recommendations (I dare you to find something I haven’t watched) through to juicy details on the creative adventure you have in mind for us, I’m all ears (… or is that ‘eyes’?)

Know what you want?

Frequently Asked Musings

What are your work hours?

I’m happily sipping tea behind my laptop Monday to Thursday from 9am to 3pm. Please keep in mind that I’m a creative though, and my email time is lovingly limited to once a day as I focus on bringing my imaginative creations to life.

How can I tell if you're my design sidekick?

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s okay. Every designer is different – and I believe you deserve to find the right one for you.

Which is why I’m totally transparent about what sort of humans connect with my visuals and experience.

You’ll likely love my style if:

  • You want a designer that invests all their love, care and passion in your brand. Your success is my success – seriously! Nothing warms my heart like seeing my clients reach their goals and fall for the designs.
  • You’re clear on your business, customer and offering. A strong brand identity is an investment, and if you’re still figuring out your business, I might not be the right match for you. If you are in the early stages of your business, you are always welcome to reach out to me and I will tell you whether you’re ready for the brand identity experience.
  • You’re an adventurous entrepreneur or business owner with vision and big ideas.
  • You want your designer to be eagerly energetic, crazily creative, super strategic and honest to a fault.
Where are you based?

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.
Serving clients worldwide.

When can I expect to hear from you?

Within 48 hours (on school holidays the kids command more cuddles and snacks, which may mean slight delays in response times) 

What I want isn't on your price list...

Ooh – a custom project? I’m already excited! If you have a different adventure in mind for us, just reach out to me at hello@rumucreative.com and I’ll craft a custom quote for you.

What is your design process?

Decided to book in with me? Yay! Here’s what will happen next:

  • I’ll shoot over your welcome kit, invoice (for 50% deposit), brand questionnaire and project timeline.
  • Once you’ve sent back all our pre-adventure material, I’ll schedule in our discovery call.
  • Now it’s time to get creative! I’ll start exploring your brand and get to know your busines better before creating your draft design concepts.
  • You’ll supply your feedback, I’ll make any necessary revisions, and then I’ll move onto the next design element(s) of your package. You’ll have ample time and opportunity at every stage to give me feedback.
  • Once your designs are refined and approved, I’ll send over your remaining invoice.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a digital delivery with your final design files (in the formats you need to execute and launch them smoothly).
What is your payment process?

To secure your project in my calendar, I request a 50% deposit. The final 50% is due once your project is completed (before you receive your final design files).

Please note: For smaller projects or jobs with a fast turnaround time, full payment may be required up-front.

What are your terms & conditions?

You can see my terms and conditions for designs services HERE.

Okay, let's go! How do I get started?

Woo hoo – let’s do this. You can get the ball rollin’ by contacting me here or emailing me at hello@rumucreative.com. I’ll get back to you within a few days. 

After making sure we’re a great fit, I’ll confirm timelines and send over your contract and deposit.

Once your deposit has been made, I’ll reserve your spot in my schedule and count down until our project commences.

Heads up: I’m a one-woman show and tend to book out (at absolute minimum) a few weeks in advance. (But I’m worth waiting for, promise).

I’ll always be upfront with timelines and try to include buffer time to ensure we can both make deadlines. If you’re needing a particularly tight turnaround, I’ll do what I can to make it happen, but rush fees may apply.

Curl up, get comfy and let me transport you into my introvert-friendly world of designer escapades